How to Donate to Help and Shelter

Help & Shelter is very grateful to all those who have made donations in cash or in kind to us over the years. These donations have played and continue to play a vital part in supporting activities not covered by project funds and in providing much-needed furnishings, office and computer equipment for both the crisis service and shelter and supplies of food, toiletries and clothing for the shelter. In adddition we also need to cover some operational expenses like repairs, wages for ancilliary staff, office supplies, etc.

All donations – big or small – are gratefully accepted and acknowledged. We are equally happy to publicise assistance received or to respect the wishes of donors who prefer to remain anonymous.

Our Shelter is always in need of supplies, clothes, etc.

Donations of items from Overseas
We regret that we cannot accept donations of items which will be shipped to us since it is very time consuming to clear the deliveries. If you have people in Guyana who would clear the items through Customs, then by all means please address the items to them and let them deliver to us. If you are interested in purchasing specific items please send us the money, and we will purchase the items and send the bills to you as proof of purchase.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to Help & Shelter, you could make a cheque or money order payable to Help and Shelter Inc and send to us;

or deposit funds to

Republic Bank (Guyana) Ltd,
38-40 Water St,
Georgetown, Guyana
Account No. 653 128 9

Please ensure that you receive a receipt for your donation. We would prefer that donations from Guyana are made at our office in Homestretch Avenue.

The donation form can be downloaded here.65.5 KB