Resource Materials relating to anti-Domestic Violence work

On this page, you can download some manuals , reports and other documents which were produced as resources in work against violence.  Unless otherwise stated , the materials are available for FREE distribution and use, with credit acknowledged to Help & Shelter and sources . If you have any difficulties downloading these manuals, please email . Please also contact us if you would like to know when we add new resources to this page.

Resource Manual for Public Educators and   Advocates

This manual is  a resource which could be used by  Advocates against domestic violence. It contains  information and ideas for advocates against Domestic Violence. This manual is a knowledge resource which was produced by as part of Help & Shelter's public education programme and in collaboration with UNIFEM.

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Reports from the Project from the UNIFEM Trust Fund to eradicate Violence Against Women

Project Document
Report from Calvin Bell, Trainer     October 2002 Project Report         February 2004 Project Report

Listing of Community Resource Groups in Guyana

This manual was researched by Red Thread and funded by the CIDA- Caribbean Gender Equity Fund. The information is correct as at December 1999. There is a listing by alphabetical order, and a listing by subject area and regionally. The telephone numbers have changed. All numbers in Guyana are now seven digits long.
The five digit numbers are prefixed by 22, eg 50897 became 22-50897 . Numbers which had codes 04 are now 444, 03 became 333 . Please contact us if you need any further details.

Download the manual in PDF format (153K)

Women Researching Women

Selected Findings from the studies on Issues of Reproductive and Sexual Health, and of Domestic Violence Against Women in Guyana carried out by Red Thread Women's Development Programme in Guyana - May 1998 to April 2000. This was a result of an IADB funded Project. 
Read the summary                    Download the MS Word File of the summary

Counsellors' Training Manual

This manual was written as part of the project funded by Canada - Caribbean Gender Equity Fund in 1998/2000. This material in this manual was used to train volunteer counsellors at Help & Shelter. It was compiled by Dr Jackson Jackson for Help & Shelter 
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These leaflets were produced using Microsoft Publisher 2000. They are zipped up using Winzip. Please feel free to download them, and edit as you please for free distribution. If you are not in Guyana, please localise or translate them if you have to.  We are working on producing other leaflets and will make them available here. 

Sponsorship for Printing
Here is an opportunity to show your support for the efforts to eradicate domestic violence and child abuse from our society. 
You can put your details in the space provided on the leaflets, print and distribute them to your associates, clients and customers. The more people read these flyers, the greater the awareness. Please contact us if you would like us to print some as originals for you. 

Zipped up MS Publisher files 
Assault by an Acquaintance Child Sexual Abuse
Rape Child Abuse
Wife Abuse Child Neglect
 Awareness flyer (Three on a letter size paper)
Leaflets (in previous version) in MS Word (Rich Text Format.) 
Special thanks to Peter Hopkinson for doing the conversions.
Assault by an Acquaintance Child Sexual Abuse
Rape Child Abuse
Wife Abuse Child Neglect

Leaflets in Adobe PDF . You will need the free Adobe Reader to view and print them.
Assault by an Acquaintance Child Sexual Abuse
Rape Child Abuse
Wife Abuse For Men
Small flyer(three on one Letter Size)