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Childcare and Protection Agency: Good Practice Guide

This manual was developed by the Child Care and Protection Agency of the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security and in collaboration with the One Life Project of Everychild Guyana/Child Link. This manual contains the "Guidelines on Child Protection Agency Processes and Procedures and on Good Practice in Relation to Children’s Rights, Child Protection and the Psycho-social Support of Children and their Families"

Contents List 
Contents List

Part 1 About the Childcare and Protection Agency
1.1 The CPA’s organisational structure
1.2 The purpose of the CPA: mission and objectives statements
1.3 Statement of functions, duties and responsibilities of the CPA
1.4 Job description for Child Protection Officer

Part 2 Supporting Good Practice: Professional Ethics and Behaviours
2.1 Values underpinning good practice
2.2 Professional boundaries and good practice
2.3 Codes of conduct for specific activities
2.4 Follow up and ongoing support of clients and cases
2.5 Good practice tips

Part 3 Processes and Procedural Guidelines
3.1 New referrals, Categorisation and Allocation of cases
3.2 Risk Assessment
3.3 Pitfalls in Risk Assessment and How to Avoid Them
3.4 Procedures involving the Police And Child Protection
3.5 Court and Police Procedures, Court Orders
3.6 Procedures for Admissions to residential homes
3.7 Arrangements for Voluntary Care
3.8 Developing and Working to Care Plans
3.9 Procedures and Good Practice in Reintegration
3.10 Monthly Reporting Procedure and Format

Part 4 A Model for the Process of Assessment, Analysis and Care Planning
4.1 Case Record Basic Information Format
4.2 Case Record Assessment Format
4.3 Care Record Goal Setting and Care Planning Format
4.4 Guidance Notes on Using and Completing the Above Formats

Part 5 Information on Child Abuse and Child Protection
5.1 Definitions of Terms Relating to Child Abuse and Child Protection
5.2 Patterns of abuse
5.3 Recognising signs of abuse and neglect
5.4 UCRC Child Rights and Child Protection

Part 6 National and International Legislative Framework and Relevant Acts
6.1 List of current national legislation pertaining to children
6.2 Extracts and summaries of key points from relevant acts
6.3 Adoption Framework
6.4 List of relevant international instruments
6.6 Summary of Selected Articles for the UNCRC

Part 7 Definitions of Terms and List of Acronyms
7.1 Acronyms in frequent use in the CPA
7.2 Glossary of Terms as used in the CPA

Part 8 Agencies Concerned with Children’s Welfare and Useful Contacts

Part 9 Sources of Additional Information and Useful References

Part 10 Specialist Knowledge, Skills and Tools for Working with Children
10.1 Effective communication with children and their families
10.2 Child and young person development
10.3 Safeguarding and promoting welfare
10.4 Supporting transitions
10.5 Multi Agency working
10.6 Sharing information
10.7 Play Therapy tools for post trauma counselling
10.8 Childhood bereavement
10.9 Stage of psycho-social development in children and teenagers
10.10 The Four “P”s of counselling children and of child friendly counselling tools
10.11 Basic principles and practice of behaviour change work