Trafficking in Persons

All leaflets together for Trafficking in Persons

These materials were produced with the support of the USAID Guyana Democratic Consolidation and Conflict Resolution (GDCCR) Project between 2005 and 2007.

They are available for free download and distribution.

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National TIP Task Force Report - June 2008


1)Combating trafficking in persons is beyond any doubt an important objective of the Government of Guyana as this report would indicate. The purpose of this report is to present measures adopted by the Government of Guyana to reduce trafficking in persons.

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Trafficking in Women leaflet

This poster highlights the problems associated with the trafficking in Women.

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General information about Human Trafficking

This leaflet can be printed and used to share information about Trafficking in persons and how to help to stop this problem

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Stop Trafficking Poster

This poster encourages persons to be wary of jobs which might sound too good to be true

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Children are victims..

This poster highlights that children are victims of trafficking too.

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Be a Voice

This poster encourages viewers to be a voice against trafficking in persons

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