Handbook on the Sexual Offences Act

This booklet is a guide to better understanding the 2010 Sexual Offence Act as amended by the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 2013 (the SOA). It covers the various sexual offences, police investigation, court proceedings including evidence and sentencing, and sexual violence prevention.


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Help and Shelter Brochures 2011

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These brochures (pamphlets, flyers) are provided for free use and distribution.

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Presentations on the Sexual Offences Act 2010 and the Protection of Children Act 2009

These presentations were prepared by Justice Roxanne George and used as part of the training of Help & Shelter staff, volunteers and members, and other partners

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Child Care Workers Casework Management Manual

This manual was produced by Gail Taylor, Technical Advisor to OneLife Project, EveryChild Guyana .
Help & Shelter is pleased to make it available for wide distribution. Credit must be given to the One Life Project and Everychild Guyana/Child Link when the content is used.

September 2009

About the manual

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National Domestic Violence Policy

The National Domestic Violence Policy was launched in June 2008. Help & Shelter and Red Thread are two of the NGOs who contributed to the development of the policy.

The implementation of the policy is vested in the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security.
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Facilitator Resource Kit : Training of Health Care Workers in Child Protection

1. Purpose of this Resource Kit

The purpose of this  kit is to provide facilitators with resources to train nurses and other health care workers to make appropriate interventions when they discover that the children in their care have been abused. The kit is built on the information which Everychild Guyana and Help & Shelter have used in their work against child abuse

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Policing Domestic Violence: Context, Status and Prospects

Paper presented by Dr Janice Jackson (and presented here with her permission) at the 24th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police, Georgetown, Guyana March 2009 Introduction The silence is broken. Screams are heard. People are dying. Children are crying. Questions arise. Who hears the noise? Who recognizes the pain? Whose business is it? Who chooses to take action? Is the silence really broken? What about those who paint their faces with a smile? What about those who serve the needs of others willingly?

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Training Manual for Domestic Violence Counsellors - Additional Therapies

This manual was produced by Dr Faith Harding as part of a training workshop held in January 2009 to train Help and Shelter counsellors in various therapeutic methods.
These methods include cognitive behaviour therapy, creative therapy, play therapy, art therapy, experiential therapy and techniques for family therapy.

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Sandplay Story Telling Manuals

In sandplay storytelling, the child is invited to share their story and work through their problems in a non-intrusive, symbolic manner. To facilitate this, the counselor provides an environment that is safe, secure, and quiet for the sandplay session. The counselor encourages the child to select figures from a large variety of figures that include people, animals, food, vehicles, buildings, religious symbols, mythological characters, and more.

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KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDE & PRACTICES ON the Prevention of Child Abuse and the Support to Children who have been abused.


Violence meted out to children is not a new phenomenon and is not confined to Guyana and the Caribbean. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), violence is deliberate interpersonal behaviour liable to cause physical or psychological harm. This study focused on four types/ forms of violence – (1) Neglect (2) verbal abuse (3) physical abuse and (4) sexual abuse.

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