Doronai Champion Cyclists raise money for Help & Shelter

From Kaieteur News 5 July, 2009

[H&S has a different spelling of the name]

‘Dorian’ cyclists raise $$$ for abused women

Beharry Group of Companies sponsored ride

The recent rise in the incidence of domestic violence has prompted
action from a group of cyclists identifying themselves as ‘Dorani.’

Sporting yellow sweaters and black riding shorts, the 17-member group
braved the elements for more than 10 hours to complete the journey from
the Corentyne to the head office of Help and Shelter, Homestretch

The journey amounted to approximately 110 miles and served as a means
of raising funds to assist in the eradication of abusive behaviour to
women. Some of the money would also be used to perform infrastructural
works on the Help and Shelter building.

Tired, but obviously satisfied with their undertaking, the riders
arrived at their final destination at just about 16:00hrs yesterday

The event attracted sponsorship from the Beharry Group of Companies,
under the Champion Pasta brand, and the organiser, Chico Persaud
disclosed said that the ride is the second one undertaken by the group.

Beharry’s has donated $300,000 derived after calculating the amount of
persons that had undertaken the journey as well as the distance
covered. Persaud said that the group had previously engaged in a
similar event on the Essequibo Coast and had donated the proceeds,
amounting to approximately $240.000, to the Help and Shelter

He said that initially the Dorian cyclists rode simply for fun and relaxation.

He further explained that the riders were concerned about the frequency
of domestic violence where women were often abused and in need of

Subsequently, they decided to solicit sponsorship with an aim of
donating the proceeds from their activities to the rehabilitation and
assistance of battered women.

He labeled the ride as an enjoyable, while explaining that the group made several stops along the way.

He said that apart from taking short breaks for meals and refreshments,
they also engaged residents of the many villages along the way in
discussions pertaining to abuse techniques employed to counteract the
vice. They also shared sweets donated by the sponsor.

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